I served as the lead video editor for a 12-part educational video series on Postmodernism's influence on biblical theology and Christian ministry for Bible Presbyterian Church's seminary and college in Singapore. Tasked with editing and producing engaging videos to supplement these biblical lectures, I took care to thoughtfully sequence clips and insert b-roll in a way that would amplify retention of the ideological concepts explored from a Christian perspective. By leveraging techniques like integrated slides, on-screen text, color correction and audio balancing, I edited the raw footage into 12 cohesive, visually compelling videos ranging from 20-40 minutes each. Delivering these biblical content videos on a weekly basis, my editing aimed to enhance the e-learning experience by guiding viewers through complex discussions on postmodernism's implications for the Church. I worked closely with the lecturer to ensure my edits and overall production accurately represented the biblical principles and themes within each lecture. The final videos provided high-quality, dynamic editing to complement the audio lectures, helping bring the postmodernism concepts to life for seminary students through engaging Christian education content.

While I cannot share the full videos I edited due to privacy and distribution restrictions, I'm happy to provide select short clips that give you a feel for the production quality and editing style.

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